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Grand Dining Set includes one extendable dining table, two arm chairs and eight side chairs

From a young age, Princess Amelina was lauded for her brilliance. She was confident, headstrong, and admirably independent. Her father, King Augustus had plans for Princess Amelina to marry to maintain a strong dynastic alliance with their neighbouring country. Amelia, however, refused the order to marry the prince because it would force her to severely restrict her independence and freedoms. Using her wits, she managed to not only respectfully decline the marriage but also forged an even stronger economic alliance between the two nations. Princess Amelina went on to pursue a successful career in diplomacy. Our magnificent Amelina dining set is named after the story of Princess Amelina for her remarkable beauty and brains. Like the Princess, the presence of the Amelina dining set alone also demanded the attention and awe of everyone in the room.

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