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Grand Bedroom Set includes one bed, two bedside tables, one dresser set and one six-door wardrobe

Optional: Bench, Chest of Drawers

When April comes, the cherry blossom come as a serenade to the softer side of mother nature, reminding us of the beauty that is there for eyes that seek it. In the spring sky, aloft to the blue above, the cherry tree wands turn into the sweetest baby pink. When a breeze blows, the beautiful and delicate white petals rain down like snowflakes, and with it, painting the pavements. The springtime bloom is a lavish spectacle but remarkably brief – but its beauty is a marvel not to be missed. Our Aprilia bedroom set is named after the month of April when the cherry blossoms are at full bloom; yet, unlike the fleetingness of cherry blossoms, the Aprilia bedroom set is a beauty that stands through time.

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