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Grand Sofa Set (1+1+2+3+CT+ST) comes with one three-seater, one two-seater, one one-seater, one coffee table and one side table

Our beautiful Bertollini sofa set is inspired by the famous 17th-century Italian guitarist, theorbo player and composer, Angelo Michele Bartolotti. This Italian Maestro of the baroque guitar and theorbo was probably born in the university town of Bologna, also Francesco Corbetta's place of abode at the time. His two volumes of guitar works are significant in the development of the guitar, particularly as during this era the guitar was overshadowed by the lute in popularity. Bartolotti's oeuvre comprises some of the most carefully notated (with precise indications for various playing styles, ornaments, etc.) and advanced guitar music of the period. In France, however, he was best known as a theorbo player, praised by Constantijn Huygens and René Ouvrard. His treatise on theorbo accompaniment (Table pour apprendre facilement à toucher le théorbe sur la basse-continuë (Paris, 1669) is among the best 17th-century sources on the subject.

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