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Grand Sofa Set comes with two single-seaters, one twin-seater, one three-seater, one coffee table and one side table

Introducing Casentino from our d'Orsay Collection. This magnificent sofa set is named after Jacopo del Casentino, who was an Italian painter, active mainly in Tuscany in the first half of the 14th century. He specialized in small devotional altars commissioned for private worship. Along with artists such as Bernardo Daddi (1280 – 1348), Casentino helped popularize these altars throughout Italy. As with many of his contemporaries, he was influenced by the early master, Giotto (1267 – 1337), who Daddi was an apprentice of. Both Casentino and Daddi showed an influence from the Sienese style of painting in their works. It is noted that Casentino may have been in Giotto’s workshop and was a pupil of another Giotto follower, Taddeo Gaddi (1300 – 1366).

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