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Grand Sofa Set comes with two single-seaters, one twin-seater, one three-seater, one coffee table and one side table

Our gorgeous Francesca sofa set is named after, Piero della Francesca, who was an Italian painter of the Early Renaissance. Born in the town of Borgo Santo Sepolcro (or modern-day Tuscany), his original birth name Piero di Benedetto. Piero della Francesca was named after his mother, who was known as "la Francesca" due to her marriage into the Franceschi family. Piero della Francesca's paintings are known for their tranquil humanism, geometric patterns, and use of perspective. He combined mathematical theory and geometry with Renaissance Humanism to birth some of the most striking religious paintings of the early Renaissance. Some of his most famous works include the "Baptism of Christ", "The Resurrection", and "Polyptych of the Misericordia".

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