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Grand Regalia

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Majestic Sofa Set (1+1+2+5+CT+2ST) includes two single-seaters, one twin-seater, one five-seater, one coffee table, and two side tables

Our Grand Regalia sofa set derived its name from the Latin word of the adjective regalis, "regal", itself from rex, "king". Like the regalis, our grand sofa set is exclusive to the privileges of a sovereign. Beautiful accents of gold leaf wrap around the boastful yet intricate displays of floral hand-carvings. Crafted from the finest leathers and the everlasting Camphor wood, this sofa set is truly a remarkable creation fit for Kings and Queens. With its grandiose size and extravagant design, the Grand Regalia is a pure embodiment of opulence and style combined.

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Grand Regalia